Flameless Ration Heater*



Single pack Flameless Ration Heater.

2nd generation heating packs. Military grade.Reliable. Safer.
Safer for use indoors, in tents & in cars.
Perfect for travelling or for Music Festivals where normal camping stoves are not suitable.
Ccomes with its own steaming bag.

Unique Features:
Generate 25% more energy = Heat More food (up to 450g).
Standard MREs can be heated more quickly.
Many standard tins (baked beans), cans (soup), pouches (eg. rice) can be used.
Instant noodles, drinks, porridge etc can be made in jars.
The gusseted steaming bag allows upright use.
For larger items the bag can be placed on its side – The size is so versatile!
Higher capacity compared to standard Ration heater packs so that normal supermarket foods can be heated.
General Information

Food is ready in ~20 mins depending on what and how much you are cooking.
Use when conventional heating is not possible.

1. Add water to activate the heating pack and wait for the steam.
2. Add your food, seal then leave.
3. After 20 mins enjoy your hot meal.

Dimensions (Steaming Bag)

Heating pack

Please store your food safely and check your food is heated to satisfaction before eating.
After activation (1-2 mins) the steam is generated very quickly.
Please be careful- It gets very HOT! –
Stay clear of vents and protect yourself when handling.
Keep away from naked flames.

There is supporting advice provided.
* The price of the product may vary according to the quantity requested. For bigger quantities don’t hesitate to contact us.


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