Victorinox CyberTool Lite 41 with flashlite



Victorinox CyberTool Lite 41 is a pocket knife with built-in flashlight. There are functions 41 number: large blade, corkscrew, can opener, small screwdriver, small blade, cap opener, screwdriver, a tool for stripping wires, awl, key ring, tweezers, toothpick, awl with sewing hole, spanner Key holder with female Hex ends, box of different cores, tip Bit Pozidrive 1 box, plug Slotted 4 mm, Phillips tip 2 tip Hex 4 mm, the nozzle Trox 8 Trox nozzle 10, nozzle Trox 15 pen, pin, mini-screwdriver combination pliers, wire cutter for, apparatus for bending wire, scissors, universal hook, magnifying glass 8x, flashlight and keychain.


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